Who the hell are these people?!

Come rage with us!http://novanquished.com/NoVanquished.com/Shows.html

Rock Guitarist and Human Rights Advocate, Jon Paget (Audioize, Steel Prophet, No Victor), started No Vanquished with the mission of bringing injustice to light through the power of rock music.  Jon has a long history as an activist, and more recently he has participated in the Occupy Movement and Kelly's Army (centered around the 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas by the Fullerton Police Department).  A detailed bio of Jon's musical history can be found at www.jonpaget.com

Soon after, Jon enlisted vocalist, Jeremy Saje (Oatmeal Cookie Eating Rubber Chickens From Hell, Con-Soul-tation, Jukebox Zer0), to add his disgust at the political and corporate status quo to the band's angst.  Jeremy has fronted bands ranging from classic rock to blues and soul, and comes from a musical theater background, so don’t be surprised if he gets “dramatic” on you.  Get a taste of Jeremy at www.JeremySaje.com.

Finally, we have the talented Britt Kranitz on Bass.  Originally a guitar player, Brittany has shown that four strings can rock just as much as six.  She won’t tell us about her past, so we have concluded that she is hiding from the law after allegations of sedition and stirring social unrest.  This makes her the perfect addition to our subversive family.